Wear Pass Lease Protection

Lexus Excess Wear and Tear Plan Richmond Hill, Ontario

Leasing a Lexus?
A Wear Pass will cover you from end of Lease Expenses due to Wear and Tear.

Your Lexus is engineered to amaze, and driving it should be worry free. That's why we offer "Wear Pass" Lease Protection. WTP is a protection plan offered to Lexus Lease customers that waives "excess wear and use" charges they would otherwise be responsible for paying at the end of their lease term. WTP simplifies the claims process with no claim forms to submit, no deductibles to pay and no reimbursements to request. WTP covers items that are beyond normal wear and tear, up to specified limits.

Price: You'll get Complete peace of Mind for only $20-25 a month.*

Maximum Benefit: $7,500**


  • Interior cuts, burns or stains
  • Broken or scratched windshield, window, mirrors or lights
  • Missing parts or equipment
  • Up to to 1,000 excess kilometers
  • Damage to tires, rims or hubcaps
  • Damaged bumpers, body dents, dings or scratches

Damage Type



With Wear Pass

Exterior Damage

Scratches, dings
gouges or dents on
exterior panels and
bumpers of the vehicle.

Within the card
(85x55mm) and rust
or bare metals exposed.

Exceeding the
Dimnsions of the

$200 Each

$400 Each


Glass Damage

Star, bullseye, or
crack on the windshield,
rear, or side panels.

Chip or scratch on the windshield, rear, or
side panels.

Completely within the
card circle (25mm

Exceeding the Card
Circle (25mm

Exceeding the card
dimensions (85 x

$100 Each

Full panel replacement
$350 - $1,050

Full panel replacement
$350 - $1,050


Interior Upholstery & Trim Damage

Two or more cuts,
tears, stains, rips or
burn holes.

Large cuts, tears,
stains, rips, or burn

Completely within the
card circle (25mm

Exceeding the Card
Circle (25mm

$100 Each

$200 Each


Tire & Rim Damage

Damaged alloy rims.

Worn, bald, or
damaged tires.

Must be repaired or

Must be replaced when
tread depth is below

Actual Cost to

$300-$550 Each


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