What are some common reasons why the BRAKE indicator light is illuminated?

  1. The "BRAKE" indicator light will illuminate if the parking brake is  not fully released. The driver may check if the parking brake is fully  released. Sometimes the parking brake seems to be released, but it may  need be held for a little while before it really releases. The customer  can also repeat applying and releasing the parking brake, while parked,  as
  2. The light will also be on if the brake fluid is slightly lower than  allowed. That is usually an indication that the brake pads are worn and  need service soon.
  3. The worst-case scenario is that the brake system is leaking fluid,  which could lead to hydraulic failure resulting in no braking power. The  driver would feel the brake pedal become spongy, and braking power  required would steadily decrease or become more difficult. The driver  should not drive the vehicle in this situation. The vehicle should be  towed and repaired. Additional diagnostics that may be performed by the  dealer include: parking brake adjustment, parking brake warning switch,  parking brake warning switch wiring harness and connected components,  brake fluid-level warning switch, brake fluid-level warning switch  wiring harness and connected components.

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