What should be done to a Lexus vehicle to prepare it for long-term storage?

Before storing car: Change engine oil, change engine coolant if due during time of expected length of storage, fill up fuel tank, wash vehicle using high-pressure water or steam to clean underneath. Rub the leather seat surfaces with an approved leather cleaner and allow to dry in a ventilated, shaded area. Check underneath the floor mats [1] to ensure the carpet is dry. If there are any paint chips, have them repaired. (Customer should be aware that Lexus recommends operating the A/C compressor once a month to ensure proper lubrication. If the vehicle is stored for a long time, it could be detrimental to the compressor.) When storing car: Operate engine at normal operating temperature for 15 minutes prior to shutting off the engine. Disconnect negative battery cable. (If applicable, radio ddc-radio may lock up.) Leave parking brake off. Put vehicle up on blocks. If stored in a temperate, ventilated garage, windows can be left cracked slightly open. Cover vehicle. When bringing vehicle out of storage: Charge battery and reconnect negative battery cable. Check and add underhood fluid levels as needed. Check and inflate tires to correct pressures before taking vehicle off blocks. After starting engine, observe warning lights. If any remain illuminated, have issue addressed by Lexus dealer as appropriate. Check brake pedal for normal feel (height and firmness) before shifting transmission. Take vehicle to a Lexus dealer for general inspection.

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