Lexus Genuine Dash Cam

Introducing The First-Ever Lexus Dash Cam!

The Lexus Dash Cam

Lexus has developed an easy to use dash cam that will record your driving experience as well as any incidents that may occur while your vehicle is parked. The Dash Cam is safely secured to the vehicles windshield and is wired directly into its electrical system. There are no unsightly hanging wires to plug in or obstruct visibility. The dash cam is instantly turned on when the car is started.

Compatibility Price
IS, ES/ESh, GS, GSF, RC, RCF, NX/NXh, RX/RXh, and GX vehicles.
 Price as low as $450+HST**

Multiple Recording ModesContinuous Recording Mode - Automatically records in a continuous loop.

Incident Recording Mode - Activated and saved in the event of a collision. The 12 seconds before and after impact are recorded and saved on the micro SD card. Along with the g sensor and gps function, an accurate account of the collision. Even when the car is off, after being hit, the camera will record post-crash and record up to 60 seconds. Up to 10 incidents are protected at all times.

Interesting Event Recording Mode - Capture and save something interesting by pressing the button. Records past 12 secs and following 8 seconds for review later. Up to 5 events can be stored. New recordings will override the earliest recording.

Adventure Mode - Activate to save up to an hour of footage at the highest quality.

Memory & Audio

An industrial grade 8GB micro SD memory card is included with the dash cam. It is 10x better than consumer grade cards. The dash camera can go up to 32 GB but consumer cards aren't recommended. Recordings are in full HD 1080p and also records audio. Audio can be turned off.

Exporting & Sharing

Exporting videos are easy with the dash camera. The Micro SD card can be removed and then connected to your computer. However, you can also download the mobile application from the google or apple store to view and download clips. Sharing interesting clips became that much easier.