Lexus Reflections Products

Lexus Reflections Products

Eco-friendly, phosphate free and highly concentrated, this professional grade soap gets your Lexus sparkling clean in no time.

A handy, non-toxic liquid air freshener to keep your vehicle’s interior smelling fresh and clean.

A water-based automotive leather seat and trim conditioner. Keeps leather soft and supple. Protects against fading and leaves a clean “factory” finish on vinyl and leather surfaces.

Formulated specifically for automotive grade glass. Leaves a clear, brilliant finish. Ammonia free and safe to use on tinted glass.

A one-step stain “lifter” in a convenient “glove box” sized format. Helps to remove small stains from seats, carpet and hard surfaces.

A high quality, convenient liquid polymer solution that protects for weeks and keeps a high gloss shine.

Specialized Lexus detailing products are available at your dealership for you to take home so you can keep your Lexus looking its best.

Perfect for cleaning automotive hard surfaces and fabrics. Cleans bug residue, brake dust, caked-on dirt, fabric, leather and vinyl stains.

Lexus is an industry leader in environmental compliance and product development. Over 90% of the Lexus Reflections products are water based. Where water technology does not exist, Lexus utilizes the safest solvent technology available in the lowest percentage possible to reduce negative impact on individuals and our environment.