Prepaid Maintenance

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Life is filled with little surprises — the cost of maintaining your Lexus shouldn’t be another. At Lexus of Richmond Hill pre-paid maintenance packages are available and designed to allow you to continue to drive your Lexus with the confidence it is performing at its best.

A pre-paid maintenance plan locks in the cost of your upcoming scheduled services. This offers you predictability and an eased financial burden down the road. You won’t be subjected to price increases in the years ahead and as routine service is already paid for, you won’t delay necessary maintenance due to any financial constraints due to life’s ever-changing circumstances.

Regularly factory-scheduled maintenance ensures your Lexus continues to operate at optimum performance. Oil changes, tire rotations and more will be as easy as setting an appointment and bringing your car to Lexus of Richmond Hill.

Benefits of Lexus Prepaid Maintenance


Protection from future increases in the cost of vehicle maintenance.


No unexpected, out-of-pocket payment for covered services.


Transferable options to help increase the resale value of your Lexus.**

Lexus of Richmond Hill’s Pre-Paid Maintenance Packages include:

  • Up to 30% savings on factory scheduled maintenance compared to purchasing these services individually.
  • Scheduled maintenance aligned with the mileage and timed intervals, as recommended by Lexus.
  • Service performed by a team of Lexus Certified Technicians.
  • Lexus Genuine Parts
  • Reflections “Presidential” Detailing Package included each year.


Valued at $1,433.80


= $443.85 in Savings


Year 1:

  • Service #1
  • Service #2
  • Detail #1


Year 2:

  • Service #1
  • Service #3
  • Detail #2


Valued at $1,663.80


= $522.00 in Savings


Year 1:

  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Maintenance
  • Detail #1


Year 2:

  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Maintenance
  • Detail #2

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Service Coverage

Service #1


• Check installation of driver’s floor mat
• Reset Maintenance Reminder Light or system
• Inspect wiper blades, linkage and washers for proper operation
• Inspect and adjust level - engine oil, brake fluid, engine/ inverter coolant, power steering fluid and washer fluid as required
• Remove and inspect engine air filter (replace as required)
• Remove and inspect cabin air filter (replace as required)
• Check and record tire tread depth. Examine tire tread depth. Examine tires for damage or uneven wear
• Remove wheels and visually inspect brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake lines and hoses
• Rotate tires or alternatively perform seasonal tire change-over (tires mounted on rims; extra charges will apply if seasonal tires are not mounted on rims)
• Record inspection results, measurements and component condition on inspection form and/or repair order
• Complimentary vehicle wash and light interior vacuum.

Service #2

Includes all of Service #1 plus:

• Inspect all lights and horn for proper operation
• Visually inspect drive belts
• Replace engine oil and filter (synthetic OW20)
• Inspect differential and transfer case vents for obstruction
• Complimentary vehicle wash and light interior vacuum.

Service #3

Includes all of Service #1 plus:

• Inspect all lights and horn for proper operation
• Visually inspect drive belts adjust tension if required
• Replace engine oil & filter (synthetic OW20)
• Lubricate locks, latches and hinges
• Perform 12 volt battery service and comprehensive electrical charging system evaluation
• Inspect valve clearance (audibly)
• Check steering gear, linkage and shock absorbers for looseness, damage or leakage
• Inspect ball joints and dust covers, driveshafts, chassis nuts & bolts for looseness or damage
• Inspect fuel system for leaks or damage, inspect condition of fuel tank band, fuel tank cap gasket, fuel tank vapour vent system hoses, fuel lines and connections
• Inspect exhaust system for leaks, damage or broken hangers
• Remove brake calipers and/or brake drums. Inspect and measure brake rotors, drums, pads and shoes*
• Complimentary vehicle wash and light interior vacuum.



• Maintenance Service - Synthetic 0W20
• Replace engine oil & filter
• Remove & inspect engine air filter element.
• Lubricate locks, latches, & hinges
• Confirm lights, horn & wipers function properly
• Check coolant, brake, transmission & washer fluid levels
• Perform battery service and comprehensive electrica
charging system evaluation
• Inspect valve clearance (audibly)
• Inspect drive belts for damage, adjust tension if required
• Check steering gear box, linkage and shock absorbers for looseness, damage or leakage
• Inspect ball joints and dust covers, driveshaft and steering rack boots, chassis nuts & bolts for looseness or damage
• Remove wheel and brake drum, check pad/shoe thickness.
• Examine brake calipers, wheel cylinders and brake lines
• Inspect fuel and exhaust systems for leaks or damage
• Examine tires for damage and wear, check & adjust pressure (rotate if required, additional charge)
• Perform road test

Lexus Reflections Coverage


• Meticulous hand washing and drying of vehicle exterior
• Removal of bug and road grime deposits from exterior body and glass
• Clean door jambs, along with trunk and hood seams
• Pressure wash wheel well openings and rocker panels
• Clean wheel rims and dress tires
• Clean exterior glass surfaces and external mirrors
• Apply Lexus Paint Finish Polish to external painted body panels
• Custom paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections and restore Lexus factory paint finish and lustre
• Clean and dress engine compartment


• Vacuum carpeted floor area and trunk/cargo area
• Clean leather seat surfaces
• Clean dash and instrument panel
• Clean and dress dash
• Clean instrument panel
• Clean console and driver controls
• Clean interior glass and mirror surfaces
• Deodorize interior cabin
• Shampoo and spot clean trunk carpet mat
• Shampoo fabric floor mats
• Carpet upholstery shampoo and stain treatment
• Dress leather seat surfaces with Lexus Leather Conditioner

*Pre-Paid Maintenance Packages are available on Lexus vehicles only; all packaged services may only be redeemed on the vehicle(vin) originally registered to the Pre-Paid Maintenance Package purchase. All packaged services are based on the Lexus Canada recommended maintenance schedule and package does not include the replacement of any damaged or worn parts outside of the services specified. Pre-paid services will cover the subsequent 2 years (24 months) of scheduled maintenance and must be redeemed within 36 months of package purchase or services will expire. Package Services may only be redeemed at Lexus of Richmond Hill.

**Charges may apply